Project Description

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When deploying managed Chromebooks, especially at K-12 schools, sometimes IT admins would want to prevent a student from logging into their accounts using any other Chromebook device than the one assigned to them. Particularly, when that device has ‘special lockdown’ restrictions set up for it.

HOWEVER, instead of trying to prevent the student from logging into another device, an easier solution would be to:

  1. Create a “restricted” org.
  2. Apply these lockdown settings to it.
  3. Move the student to that org.
    That way, no matter which Chromebook the user uses to log in, these special lockdown settings are always applied.
  4. You can also add a chrome theme to that user org. (bright red for example).
    This will help teachers easily see that the student is in their profile in “lockdown” by looking at the browser and mode. If the teacher saw the default grey or any other colour, they’ll know that the student isn’t logged in as themselves.

By going ‘user based’ instead of ‘device based’, you no longer need to worry about which school Chromebook device students are using for your Chromebook restrictions to be always applied for them.

How to- CM- Extend Lockdown Mode per User
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