Project Description

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Google just announced the next generation of meeting room hardware—Series One room kits for Google Meet.
Introducing the Google Meet hardware Series One room kit 1
Google’s new Series One room kits for Google Meet

Who’s impacted

Admins and end users

Why you’d use it

Employees are holding more video meetings than ever these days. That’s why Google developed the Series One kits to help your organization stay even more connected with features like:
  • Onboard AI with Google Edge TPUs in the smart audio bar and Meet compute system.
  • TrueVoice® proprietary voice isolation and multi-channel noise cancellation.
  • Power-over-ethernet for single cable installation.
  • New 4K smart cameras, equipped with high-resolution and large image sensors that can zoom in on and automatically frame meeting participants for better visibility.
  • Chrome OS for easy setup, along with automatic security and feature upgrades.

Additional details

Check out the announcement on the Cloud Blog to learn more about Series One and the research and technology that went into its development.
These kits will be available in the coming months. Contact Lenovo for purchasing information.

Getting started

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