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Don’t let Simple Google Meet issues on Chromebook devices defeat you when there’s a simple fix!

Google Meet forever stuck at the ‘loading’ screen when joining a Google Meet session from your Chromebook device? — there’s usually a simple fix there.

Google Meet issues can be super frustrating. Especially when you’re expected in an important meeting in today’s remote-first world, or if you’re an IT admin receiving a flood of tickets everyday about the same Meet issue .

To avoid swirling down a rabbit hole when the issue could be right at the surface, checkout the below fixes for Google Meet issues on Chromebook devices first.

5 Easy fixes for Google Meet issues on Chromebook devices

1. Check the Camera ?

Make sure the camera is not broken & fully plugged in.

Most often than not the camera is the culprit there. In earlier Chrome OS versions, the Chromebook device would allow you to join the Meet anyway (without the camera). In recent releases, however, the Meet session never loads without a properly adjusted working camera. Whereas the user may get the “connecting” icon spinning forever in that case.

Always camera-check when in doubt by manually launching the camera app.

2. Run the ‘Safety Check’ ⚙️

It takes about 5 minutes to run and could be a great fix. Simply follow these steps.

If it works, this can be the simple long-term solution users apply themselves without having to submit recurrent tickets for the same Meet issue.

3. Is the Google Meet web page blocked? ?

Sometimes the Google Meet web page may have been accidently blocked by yourself or one of your users. That would cause the Google Meet page to come up, yet never fully load.

Blocked JavaScript and images is also a common one.

4. Clear the Cache and Cookies ?

The oldest trick in the book. Clearing the cache and cookies is the step-sister of ‘restarting’ your device. A simple and basic fix that, fascinating enough, works for a wide range of issues.

To clear cache and cookies on your Chromebook simply follow these steps.

If that doesn’t work you’ll then want to try resetting Chrome by following these steps

5. PowerWash your Chromebook ?

Reset the device to the Chrome OS version originally installed at the factory.

PowerWashing your Chromebook can fix simple system problems that may be causing the nagging Google Meet issue here.

However, let’s leave this as the last resort fix as it deletes any customizations you’ve made to the device.

That includes background image, display resolution, homepage, themes, and extensions. It also removes all user accounts and local files stored on the machine. However, it doesn’t delete files stored on an inserted SD card.

To PowerWash your Chromebook simply follow these steps.


Closing thoughts ?:

  • Hardware problem? Sometimes Google Meet issues on Chromebooks are caused by hardware problems. If all of the above fixes fail you might want to consider having your device’s mainboard checked by the manufacturer.


  • Chrome OS version 86? Sometimes the camera is not recognized at all in Chrome OS version 86, even if the camera is functioning well and fully plugged in. In that case you’ll want to contact Google Workspace Support for more assistance.

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