Project Description

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Step 1: Enable Two-step verification: 

    1. Log into your Google Workspace Admin Console.
    2. From the dashboard, select Security.  
    3. Click on Basic Settings.       
    4. Scroll down to the Two-Step Verification setting —> tick the checkbox to Allow users to turn on 2-step verification —> Save changes.

Step 2: Enforcing Two-step verification

    1. Once you’ve enabled 2-step verification —> click on the link at the bottom of the two-step verification settings that says Go to advanced settings to enforce 2-step verification.
    2. You’ll find yourself in the advanced security settings panel —> select Turn on enforcement now. 
    3. You’ll then receive a notification window that reminds you that enabling this setting will force all users to use two-step verification —> Click on OK to continue —> click the Save changes button at the bottom left.
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