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A Strategy of 3 Powerful Homeschooling Techniques for Busy Parents

Schools are now closed. With teachers teaching online and students learning remotely. Sounds simple, right? Not always! The reality can sometimes be a far cry from that, especially for busy parents working from home.


Well parents, we hear your sighs of despair from here. And now we’ll let you in on a little strategy that’ll hopefully help make homeschooling work for you and your kid(s).

But first, let’s put YOU in the right mindset. Remember a few years back when you were a K-12 school student yourself. I bet studying wasn’t exactly the activity you looked forward to the most at home. UNLESS there was an enjoyable aspect to it ?‍♀️.

Nowadays, despite having iPad attachment issues ?, kids are still the same at heart as you and I once were. They’ll get excited about anything IF there’s an incentive to it! — Nop, wait, not that kind of incentive many parents may be thinking of now ?.

The incentive here is a simple three-lettered word called F-U-N!  — A magical ingredient that can turn homeschooling mess into an activity you both enjoy.


But how do you put the FUN into your homeschooling run? That’s the heart and soul of this strategy.

To apply this homeschooling strategy you’ll need to follow these THREE simple techniques:

1. Gear BOTH your tasks towards a Gaming Challenge ☝️


You can never miss with this simple technique. Keeping scores, letting them work for it, then announcing and crowning the winner. Your kids are gonna love it. You’ll love the bonding too.

Better yet, this technique gets you BOTH to finish your tasks for work and school on time.


You’ll need:

    1. A board/ or a chart.
    2. Post-its. 
    3. A Symbolic Prize (Ex: A little crown, a superman sash, etc.)


    1. Divide your board into two parts, one for you and another for your kid(s).
    2. Create a ‘To-do, Doing, Done’ list of an equal number of tasks for each. (You can add some home chores to any list to even out the number).
      You can also scatter the post-its if the tasks don’t need to follow a certain order. That will make the list look a lot less like chores and more fun.
    3. The person with the most post-its in the ‘Done’ column wins. (You can compete on a daily or weekly basis, whichever works best for you)

2. Take the Gaming fun one step forward ✌️


There’s only one rule: If there’s a potential for a game in there, grab it.

Say you’re helping them out with certain subjects, try to find any opportunity to turn some lessons into games and interactive activities, as opposed to seatwork

Here are 5 examples to give you an idea: 

  1. ‘Guess the country’ game nights for Geography lessons. Let the whole family jump in, with scores and prizes.
  2. Create a little stage for Read-alouds. This is great for reading lessons and will also teach them how to get used to ‘taking the stage’. 
  3. Write letters to future self about this quarantine, how-to papers about their favourite things (they’ll love being the expert), or let them start their own diary. 
  4. Prepare hands-on activities for Science lessons. This can include both indoor and outdoor fun experiments.
  5. Build a small birdhouse for that geometry lesson to teach them about measurements and angles.


Learning in different ways and showing kids how to apply what they learn in real life is actually one of the best homeschooling approaches. 

Remember: You’ll need to mix things up from time to time to keep them engaged.

3. Don’t be afraid to assess and modify ?


You’ll need to assess this strategy as you go. Note down what works and what doesn’t. Don’t force a homeschooling method that’s obviously not working and don’t be afraid to modify things when needed. 

While this strategy may require some trial and error at first, it will definitely help you discover what works best for you and your kid(s).


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Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!