Project Description

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Google is improving the Android and iOS experiences for Google Docs users with two new features. These were previously available on the web, and are now available on mobile as well:
  • Link previews, which help you get context from linked content without bouncing between apps and screens.
  • Smart Compose, which helps you write faster and with more confidence.
Read Google’s Cloud Blog post to learn more about how these and other launches can help you collaborate from anywhere, with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on mobile.

Who’s impacted

End users

Why it’s important

These launches build on other recent launches that improve the mobile user experience, including a new commenting interface in Docs on Androiddynamic email notifications for Gmail on mobile, and dark mode for Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android.
Together, these features will help make it easier and quicker not only to read and review content on mobile devices, but also to create and collaborate on content, wherever you are.

Additional details

Link previews 
Linked content can enrich documents with useful information, but if clicking a link means opening another window, that can be distracting and disrupt your reading flow.
Earlier this year, Google launched link previews on the web. Now, they’re adding link previews to mobile as well. When you click on a link in Docs, dynamic information about the content will appear. This may include the title, description, and thumbnail images from public web pages, or the owner and latest activity for linked Drive files.
This can help you decide whether to open linked content while staying in-context.
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Preview links in Google Docs on the web 
Google Docs mobile improvements: link previews and Smart Compose 1


Preview links in Google Docs on mobile devices 

Smart Compose

Smart Compose on mobile will help you write documents faster and reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors when working on the go. When a Smart Compose suggestion appears, simply swipe right to accept it.

Getting started

Admins: These features will be ON by default. There are no admin controls for them.
End users:
  • Link previews: This feature will be on by default. There is no setting to control the feature.
  • Smart Compose: This feature may be on or off depending on whether you have turned it on or off on the web. When enabled, you’ll automatically see suggestions; swipe right to accept a suggestion. Visit the Help Center to learn more about using Smart Compose in Google Docs.

Rollout pace

Link previews in Docs, iOS and Web 
Link previews in Docs, Android 
Smart Compose in Docs, iOS 
Smart Compose in Docs, Android 


  • Link previews in Docs: Available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal accounts.
  • Smart Compose in Docs: Available to all Google Workspace customers. Not available to users with personal accounts.
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