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Google has added more options for notification settings in Google Chat and Chat in Gmail.
The new options affect push notifications on desktop and mobile, as well as notification badges on both the Chat and Gmail apps. You can set your notification preferences to:
  • Notify always: You’ll receive a notification for every message and new messages will be badged.
  • Notify less: You’ll receive notifications and badges for direct mentions, @all mentions, and followed threads. Additionally, there is an option to be notified about new threads in threaded rooms.
  • Notifications off: You will receive no notifications, but you’ll see a badge if you’re directly mentioned.
Customize notification frequency with more options in Google Chat and Chat in Gmail 1
For existing Rooms, the notification setting may default to a state where you receive more notifications. To review and update your notification settings, simply select the three-dot overflow menu in each room.

Who’s impacted

End users

Why you’d use it

These additional notification settings give you more control over the amount of notifications you’ll receive based on your level of engagement or involvement in specific conversations. This will help you adjust your notifications as needed. You can stay on top of need-to-know conversations without being overwhelmed by notifications.

Getting started

  • Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. Google recommends that you familiarize yourself with the changes outlined in these Help Center articles and let your users know about the changes they can expect:
  • End users:
    • Visit the Help Center to learn more about turning notifications on or off in Gmail and Chat.
    • Make sure your Gmail and Google Chat apps are updated to the latest versions of the respective apps.

Rollout pace


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as Google Workspace Basic and Business customers
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