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Google Classroom Insights where it matters the most!

It’s 2021, the year of ‘all things remote’, where our digital classrooms replaced our physical ones and our traditional classroom setup packed and moved with us online in 2020 with no prior warning.

With that, Google Classroom has been booming rapidly as K-12 schools consolidate around it more than ever before. 

And just like with any new undertaking there may be new challenges or ‘blind spots’ that can be tricky for K-12 teachers and school admins when managing Google Classroom. In fact, most of these challenges are essentially linked to ‘visibility’ — or the limitation of it.

How can you achieve the same level of face-to-face classroom visibility (or even higher) into your Google Classroom usage and learning operations? — Is that even possible? The answer is YES!

Today we’ll let you in on 8 Google Classroom Insights that’ll help you manage your Classrooms better while gaining SUPERPOWERS into your digital learning operations:

Google Classroom Attendance

First things first. Let’s talk Attendance. Because we all know it matters the most.

No matter how well you prepare your Google Classroom and resources, if you don’t have clear insights on your students’ attendance and engagement it’s almost impossible to tell how well your digital learning operations are going.

Track times where students were connected to their designated Classrooms using tools like GAT Shield. Monitor how long they stayed in the Classroom, how much time they spend on every site while browsing on Google Chrome sessions. 

Such Google Classroom insights give you a comprehensive view of REAL attendance and engagement beyond the traditional sign-in/ sign-off check mark. 

Comprehensive Google Classroom Audits

Regular comprehensive Classroom audits are crucial for admins to catch up on the ‘bigger picture’ and tailor support for teachers the only problem is,  they’re time-consuming and sometimes even challenging to pull for your entire domain.

Admins need a simpler way to view all courses created on their domain with details such as Course IDs, name, section, state (active or archived), short description, created by who and when, as well as when it was last active.

Gain extensive Google Classroom insights at a glance, save countless hours

Using tools like Classroom Insights admins can easily run these comprehensive audits hassle-free. Dig deeper into a selected Google Classroom when needed for insights on things like who has the best grades, who is on time or late, all submitted assignments, and much more…

8 Google Classroom Insights that'll Give you Superpowers 1

Real-Time Student Screen Supervision

Monitoring what’s happening during class has been an age-old riddle for K-12 teachers worldwide ?‍♀️. It’s also pivotal for any classroom setting, whether digital or physical.

How do you ensure that students are actually paying attention and not distracted by other side activities ?‍♂️?

As ironic as it may sound, using the right tools, this is much easier to accomplish in the digital world.

That’s simply because gaining visibility into students’ screens is more feasible than going behind each desk to check whether your students are on the ‘same page’ as you.

But how? — Screen Time Supervision & Management Tools

With Teacher Assist teachers can monitor and manage student’s screens remotely and take REAL-TIME ACTIONS on student’s screens, like page blocking and page deployment. This gives teachers the opportunity to keep students focused and productive during a class.

Google Classroom Submissions, Grading & Monitoring

Did you know that your students don’t have to submit their assignments for you to see their work and identify problems along the way?

Simply choose “make a copy for each student” for assignments, this will enable you to view each student’s work in the grading tool, even if it’s not submitted. 

Teachers can then provide comments and suggestions along the way based on the insight they get from there.

Google Classroom also has an “upcoming” widget, which sits on the left side of the page. It offers you a quick summary of assignments that are due soon, which helps you organise assignments better.

Class Roster Chrome Extension

The Class Roster Chrome extension by Google Certified innovator Alice Keeler solves a big problem for many teachers working in Google Classroom. 

By linking to your Google Classroom it helps you organize your roster of Google Classroom students and export it into a neat little Google Sheet.

This way you can easily print it out for a check off list, or use right in the spreadsheet to record information about each student for better visibility and simple Google Classroom insights.

Google Classroom End of year Clean up

It’s time for that end of year Classroom clean up. While it might seem like a ‘chore’ at first it’s actually a fantastic way for you to gain insight as you reflect, cleanup, and plan for a new year!

Kim Mattina,  The Suite Talk Host and GoogleEDU Gold Product Expert shares a few brilliant tips to help you achieve just that easily. Make sure to check them out and #PayitForward.

Classroom Behavioural Management & Tracking

Student behavioural management can be challenging for teachers and admins in the digital world. Yet such insight remains an integral part of any successful educational strategy.

The Tech Advocate offers 6 simple tips on how to effectively manage student behaviour in Google Classroom using Google Docs, Sheets and forms. Make sure to check them out!

Bulk creation of Google Classrooms

Bulk tasks are a huge pain! Always, for every industry. A good example for schools using Google Classroom would be manually generating classrooms in bulk for an entire domain.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult! 

Using tools like  GAT Flow Admins can create and update their Google Classrooms in bulk across their school district, hassle-free with powerful auditing functionalities — Adieus manual bulk work say welcome to the power of automation! ?


Well, that’s it from us today! — Feeling more insightful already? Time to apply those new insights as you plan for the new school year.

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