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Your Chrome browser is the magical portal that transports you to the extensive internet world ? — Yup! Probably just like now if you’re using a PC. There’s so much you can accomplish there, as well as a lot to look out for.

To that, the Google Chrome Web Store is a fantastic place to shop on extensions to boost, secure and even personalise working from home in the Chrome browser.

But with the sea of 190,000+ Chrome extension options out there, how do you make the right pick?

Well, first you need to identify which aspects of remote work you need support with, then shop away.

To help make some choices easier we’ve created a list of 6 remote work aspects coupled with Chrome extension recommendations to support each.

Added Bonus: All of the below chrome extensions are FREE, though some offer paid subscriptions for premium features.


6 Awesome Chrome Extensions for Teams Working from Home


TIM — Manage Online Meeting Time 

TIM agenda Timer Chrome Extension

Unnecessarily long online meetings can be a real pain — Enter TIM!

TIM Chrome extension is a FREE agenda timer for managing your online meetings’ time and flow. It’s based on the principle that every meeting minute is valuable and should be well accounted for.

Use TIM to orchestrate more time and cost efficient online meetings by:

  1. Easily creating time schedules and assigning time slots to each meeting participant.
  2. Calculating how much every online meeting is costing your organisation.
  3. Set countdown alerts to visually notify participants and stay ahead of your schedule.

TIM can be used on any video conference platform. You’re only required to login from a Gmail or Google domain account.


Hypercontext — Run Better Meetings

Hypercontext meetings agenda Chrome extension

Hypercontext empowers over 100,000 managers and their teams to be high-performing by combining quarterly priorities, weekly meetings, and engagement measures, all in one place.

The shared agenda app allows teams to collaborate on meeting agendas for 1:1s, team meetings, and cross-functional meetings. Access hundreds of conversation starters and hold one another accountable after every meeting.

  1. Quickly add to a meeting agenda from any tab.
  2. Access meeting agendas and next steps through Google Calendar.
  3. Use your agenda directly in Google Meet.
  4. Get stuff done! Stop yourself from getting distracted on social media with GSD mode.

GAT Shield Personal — Chrome Audit & Security

6 Awesome Chrome Extensions for Teams Working from Home 1

GAT Shield Personal is a powerful extension that audits your Chrome environment to ensure optimum security and monitoring as follows: 

  1. Track time you spend not just on sites, but on specific pages and tasks.
  2. Discover all other installed extensions and have them rated based on the scope of access they require to your Chrome environment. 
  3. View all your downloads, names of the files, sizes, where they came from, where they’re stored and if the download completed or not.
  4. See your Chrome environment settings: From IP address to the CPU you’re running on, memory total to the memory available, device location and much more.

(GAT Labs also offers IT Security teams a powerful toolset of remote work security and monitoring tools for Google Workspace and Chrome. Read more)


Screencastify — Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify Chrome extensions remote work


Screencastify is a fantastic Free video screen recorder that solves one of the most nagging remote work collaboration dilemmas — showing colleagues stuff on your own screen (ex: how to accomplish something, fix a bug or a cool workaround you’ve discovered).

Using Screencastify you can easily record your screen and narrate with your microphone to deliver a life-like tutorial of the topic at hand. 

You can also share your videos on YouTube and grab the Google Drive link easily, which is super handy!


Google Meet Grid — See More Participants in 1 View


Visualise your Google Meets better, establish better eye contact and see everyone simultaneously in grid view. 

Google Meet Grid is a cool extension that brings you and your colleagues around what feels like a round conference table.


DocuSign — Seal important deals remotely

Docusign chrome extension

Signing important documents remotely has never been easier with DocuSign

This handy free extension allows you to seal important deals quickly and smoothly with the following key features:

  1. Sign from Gmail.
  2. Manage your documents from your browser.
  3. Status updates of documents that need your Action.
  4. Unlimited signing if you are the only person signing.


Well, that’s it from us today — Finding a different chrome extension particularly helpful for remote work? Drop us a comment here and tell us about your awesome discovery?‍

Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!