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Your Chrome browser is the magical portal that transports you to the extensive internet world ? Yup! Probably just like now if you’re using a PC. There’s so much you can accomplish there, as well as a lot to look out for.

To that, the Google Chrome Web Store is a brilliant place to shop on essentials to boost, secure and even personalise your Chrome experience. But with the sea of 190,000+ Chrome extension options out there, how do you make the right pick?

Well, if your goal right now is to boost your remote work transition, then you first need to identify which aspects of remote work you need support with, then shop away.

With that in mind, we created a list of 5 remote work essentials we think you should evaluate, coupled with Chrome extension recommendations to support each:

Added Bonus: All of the below chrome extensions are FREE, though some offer paid subscriptions for premium features.

Human Interaction – Clapboard



Clapboard is an awesome video screen recorder that solves one of the most recurrent pains of remote work — in-office human interaction.

By allowing you to easily record yourself as well as your entire screen, you can use this chrome extension to create videos and interactions that feel as engaging as in-office collaborations. Keep up that office spirit remotely!

Record, Edit, Share and Analyze with Clapboard ?


Chrome Audit & Security – GAT Shield Personal



GAT Shield Personal is a powerful extension that audits your Chrome environment to ensure optimum security and monitoring as follows: 

  1. Track time you spend not just on sites, but on specific pages and tasks.
  2. Discover all other installed extensions and have them rated based on the scope of access they require to your Chrome environment. 
  3. View all your downloads, names of the files, sizes, where they came from, where they’re stored and if the download completed or not.
  4. See your Chrome environment settings: From IP address to the CPU you’re running on, memory total to the memory available, device location and much more.


Online Conferencing – Google Meet Grid

Meet Grid Chrome

Supplement your Hangouts Meet operations and see everyone simultaneously in a grid view. 

Google Meet Grid is a cool extension that will make your live conferences and team meetings more ‘face-to-face’, bringing you and your colleagues around what feels like a round table in the same room.


File Sharing and Storage – Save to Google Drive

save to drive chrome extension

If your company uses Google Workspace then Google Drive is probably the gear that powers other limbs of your organization’s collaboration and storage activities.

With 3 Million+ users, Save to Google Drive here will save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to:

  1. Instantly save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive.
  2. Automatically convert Microsoft Office files or comma-separated files to Google Docs format.
  3. Open the saved file, rename, or view it in the Google Drive document list. Then, from the document list, you can share your new document with your team.


Sealing deals – DocuSign

Docusign chrome extension

Signing important documents remotely has never been easier with DocuSign

This handy free extension allows you to seal important deals quickly and smoothly with the following key features:

  1. Sign from Gmail.
  2. Manage your documents from your browser.
  3. Status updates of documents that need your Action.
  4. Unlimited signing if you are the only person signing.


Well, that’s it from us now.

Finding a different chrome extension particularly helpful during this remote work transition? Drop us a comment here and let us on your awesome discovery ?‍♀️

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