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Years ago businesses dreamed of a magical security solution that would alleviate the pain of unauthorized use of their precious accounts and devices. Something like a digital watchdog instantly barking whenever an intruder, rather than the authorized user, uses an account or company device.  

Mad Dog Barking

Of course back then the idea seemed as far-fetched as live video calls to Graham Bell’s contemporaries. Then came Typing Behaviour Authentication, constantly verifying the identity of your users as they work through their unique typing style. Goodbye cloud identity theft and account takeover. 

What is Typing Behaviour Authentication?

Typing Biometrics

Just like we all have different personalities, each and every one of us has a unique typing style.

Typing Behaviour Authentication is a type of AI-based Zero Trust security solution that operates on that simple concept.

It’s also significantly popular worldwide because of its ongoing security benefits that no other Multifactor Authentication (MFA) method offers. 

Typing Behaviour Authentication is known today by many other names, including:

Keystroke dynamics, Keystroke biometrics, Typing dynamics and lately Typing biometrics.


How Does Typing Behaviour Authentication Work?

Typing Behaviour Authentication

Simply put, Typing Behaviour Authentication builds a virtual ID for your users in the background by analyzing and recording detailed information about every user’s typing style and unique keystroke patterns. It then uses AI to verify whether or not the person typing is actually the authorized user.

Typing Behaviour Authentication revolutionized cloud security and data risk mitigation by taking the verification process literary to your users’ finger tips. Making it continuous rather than a one-off security event at login. 


5 Security Benefits Typing Behaviour Authentication Brings to your Business

Typing biometrics.

  1. Manage Remote Workers Better: Let’s all agree that remote work is here to stay. While many companies want to explore this growing trend and reap its ample business benefits, concerns about managing employees and their devices remotely remain a tumbler. 

Typing Behaviour Authentication actually answers many of these concerns by allowing businesses to ensure that their accounts are only used by authorized users at all times. 

It also provides an additional layer of security to address unfortunate incidents like device theft and other outsider cyberattacks


2. Solve Office Mishaps: We’ve all seen it many times. An employee gets off their desk in a rush and forgets to lock their screen behind them (happens to the best of us, believe me!). 

A mischievous colleague then notices, flies to the exposed account and plays the old sour ‘cheesy email prank’

While such scenarios might not cause much harm or distress between loving colleagues, what if we add malicious intent to the equation? It can get quite ugly, right? 

The best thing about Typing Behaviour Authentication is that it solves this problem from the root. While people in the office might not even notice that someone is using an account without the proper authorization, Typing Behaviour Authentication tools like Active ID quickly detect imposters soon after they start typing.


3. Around-the-clock Authentication: Google recently announced that support for “less secure apps” which require only a username and password for access, will end February 15, 2021. This highlights the growing importance of MFA when it comes to all cloud-based security. 

There is no doubt that traditional MFA methods like 2FA and 3FA are crucial, and that’s why we always recommend them, but is it the best you can do when it comes to securing your accounts? 

Typing Behavior Authentication has an edge over other MFA methods, and that is constant ongoing verification of your users’ identity even after they log into their accounts.


4. Bust the Imposter: Advanced Typing Behavior Authentication tools like GAT’s Active ID come with the fantastic benefit of exposing the imposter to you by snapping a picture of them upon detection. 

This benefit has proven to be very useful in situations related to attempted impersonation. 


5. Take Robust Corrective Actions: If an impostor is detected, an admin or security officer can address the situation right away and perform actions like shutting down the session and logging out the user.


Why GAT’s ActiveID?

GAT's Active ID

ActiveID is first ‘Zero Trust’ solution for all your web based cloud applications.


  1. No Special User Training Needed: ActiveID is not only smart in how it catches impostors, it’s also smart in how it learns.
  2. Low False Positive Rate: ActiveID has a very low false-positive rate which also makes it ideal for large Google Workspace domains.
  3. High Detection Speed: ActiveID catches impostors after just 200 characters of typing.
  4. Extending Protection beyond G suite to Evey Online Site: In conjunction with Google Cloud Premium Identity, ActiveID provides the first zero trust cloud environment for all your user’s browser based online sites.
  5. A Whole Range of Corrective Actions Available: From alerting an Admin or Security Officer with a camera shot of the ‘impostor’, to shutting down the session and logging out the unauthorized user.
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