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Physically distant, socially close at home.

The lights and lanterns are up, signaling the arrival of Ramadan with it’s festive traditions and spirituality. 

Yet, this year Ramadan finds us all in ‘Social distancing’ mode. An unusual practice that goes well against the basic traditions of this ‘Holy Month of Gathering’.

Thanks to Technology, we’ve come so far handling many aspects of our lives remotely over those past weeks. Now how can we apply what we learned today?

Okay, I know the idea of a ‘Remote Ramadan’ may sound unorthodox, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it using what we have ?

In this blog piece we’ll explore 3 Google technologies that can help you think outside the box and stay as socially connected as possible during Ramadan 2020.

Let’s get started…

Arrange Virtual Iftar Gatherings for the Entire Family using Google Meet


The first few Iftars of Ramadan are usually reserved for family and close friends. Then comes reunions and other gatherings that connect us all throughout those 30-days.

This year, wherever you are in the world, you don’t have to have Iftar alone any day ?

Use Google Meet to plan out your schedule for the whole month and have virtual Iftar gatherings with your friends and family. 

You’ll still be able to share the same jokes and stories over food and see each other’s tables and joyful smiles.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to add Meet Grid View extension to enjoy a life-like panoramic view of all participants, here’s how.


Prepare and Share your Favourite Ramadan Dishes at Home


This year, many restaurants remain completely closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite Ramadan dishes.

Thankfully, YouTube offers plenty of Ramadan recipes to prepare at home. Here’s something different to try this year:

  1. Create your own playlist for Ramadan Recipes on YouTube.
  2.  Share this list with close friends and family.
  3. Pick a dish to all prepare together on a particular day.
  4.  Enjoying the same dish you all prepared together over virtual Iftar (or compare pictures of your creations on that group chat).


Ramadan Sports Tournaments ?‍♂️


Ramadan is famous for its bustling sports tournaments that keep the competition drums banging on throughout the month and get many of us to exercise and beat that post-Iftar laziness.

Just because tournaments are cancelled this year doesn’t mean you have to stick to that couch and give up your sporting habits. Challenge your fitness buddies this year remotely using Google Fit.

This simple app tracks and records details like distance, steps, calories, and pace metrics. It then transforms them into Heart Points and Move Minutes. 

  1. Move Minutes: Move Minutes refer to “active time.” You earn Move Minutes for every bit of physical activity you do.
  2. Heart Points: Heart Points are earned when you perform activities at a higher pace. You earn one Heart Point per minute of moderately intense exercise.

Challenge your buddies to the highest score of points and/or minutes and the winner gets a trophy at the end of the month. I bet the phrase ‘’What’s your score?’’ will stick on for the rest of the year ?

We hope you find these 3 tips useful and wish you a blessed Ramadan ?

Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!