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Ban Third-party apps in real-time

GAT+ provides a detailed and in-depth overview of the entire Google domain. There are multiple actions and reports that can be generated using the GAT+ tool.

With GAT+ Admin can audit every section of a Google Workspace environment.

For 3rd party Applications, we have introduced real-time policies.

An Admin can choose to ban or allow Application to the end-user account.

How it works

When a user for whom the ban is in place tries to install the App again, they will be rejected as soon as Google notifies GAT+ that the new app is being installed.

How to create real-time banning of third-party apps

Find the Applications

Navigate to GAT+ → Applications → Apply custom filter → Search for the Applications 

GAT+ | Ban Chrome Third-party apps in real-time 1

Set up policy

When the result is found, click on the + sign button on the right side under Actions 

A pop-up window will be displayed, fill in the policy

  • Add application policy for “name of the application
  • Policy name – Enter the policy name
  • Policy type – Trust or Ban 
  • Select users whom the Ban will occur.
    • User
    • Group
    • Org. Unit
  • Click on the “Add” button
  • Click on the “Save” button to enable the policy

GAT+ | Ban Chrome Third-party apps in real-time 2

Note: GAT+ will check and if “Trust” policy applied it will take precedence over the Ban polciy
For example: If you ban an app for /Sales team, but trust the app for just one user who is part of the /Sales team, the ban rule will skip this account.

Existing policies

From the top many select “Policies” to view all applied policies currently for the Applications of your domain.

Under the Actions, you can choose to Edit the ban (pen icon) or you can delete (bin icon) the ban policy.

GAT+ | Ban Chrome Third-party apps in real-time 3


As a result of the setup Ban policies, the 3rd party Applications will be Banned from being used by the selected users. GAT+ will remove the “scope” access from the Application to your Domain. However, as this is not a permanent ban or removal of the applications, the end-user can still “grant” or install the application again. GAT+ will then ban the application again. It will be pro-active action based on the end-user behavior.

This happens in real-time when a user tries to install the banned application, they will be rejected as soon as Google notifies GAT+ that a new App is being installed or access is being granted.

Note: In some cases, the user can log in, because the revoke action comes after the factbut the app can not use any API after. It will depends on the App behavior.

Video: How to ban third-party apps in Google Workspace

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