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Edit Memberships in Google Workspace Groups

Google Workspace

Admins, have you ever needed to copy a whole group in your domain just so you could add or remove a user from an existing group?

GAT+ can make this easy with a single ‘Copy Group‘ option for every existing group.

You can then use the GAT+

In GAT+ Groups audit from the menu on the left

Apply Filter and find the Group you want to copy.

GAT+: Easily Assess and Edit Google Workspace Groups 1

On the right side under Actions click on the “arrow” and choose to Copy this group 

GAT+: Easily Assess and Edit Google Workspace Groups 2

A pop-up window will be displayed.

Enter the info required.

  • New group email address
  • New group name
  • New group description

Click on Copy to create a copy of the Group.

Quickly Inspect and Delete Google Workspace Groups

Group management can be a tiresome exercise in the Google Workspace Admin console.

GAT+ lets Admins inspect groups and delete them quickly after inspection.

GAT+: Easily Assess and Edit Google Workspace Groups 3

You can find more about managing Groups below.


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