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Recursive option in the File Management

The recursive option will apply the permission changes right down the folder tree, covering all files/folders and subfolders.

Find the Folder

Apply a custom filter and search for the Folder you need.

For Example:

  • Title parameter  – Title equal the title of the folder
  • Type – File/ Shared drive search – Enter File/Folder ID
  • Simple search – Folder/File ID

Enter the Folder Title – as below

GAT+ | Apply Permission Changes Down the Folder Tree 1

When the result is displayed, click on the drop-down next to the folder title and select “Apply permission Change to this folder (recursive)”.

GAT+ | Apply Permission Changes Down the Folder Tree 2

Selecting this option will lead you directly to the “File management” page.


Actions can be applied:

Note: changes will be applied to all files inside folder and it’s subfolders (including parent folder)

  • General tab – Changing ownership (including additional settings)
  • Add – Adding users to Folder and its subfolders
  • Remove – Removing existing permissions to the Folder and its subfolders 
  • Replace – Replacing sharing permissions of the Folder and all its subfolders/files.

GAT+ | Apply Permission Changes Down the Folder Tree 3


The result of the actions will be taken down the folder tree, applied to all files inside the folder and its subfolders


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