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Why create a delegated auditor in GAT+?

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 1

By default, only Google Workspace Super Admins have access to the GAT+ tool.

With the delegated auditors functionality Super Admins can assign users to audit or analyze others within their domain without ever having access to the Google Workspace Admin Console. 

How is this useful? Many organizations have multiple offices, departments, campuses, or locations with the delegated auditors feature you can assign the right person to perform the auditing of a group or organizational unit.

Here are a few examples of when delegated auditors could be used: 

  • A sales manager would like to create reports for his/her sales team covering data across all of the different Google apps like Gmail and Google Drive. 
  • A school IT Director would like to give another IT member access to GAT+ but not to his/her Google Workspace Admin Console. 
  • A Super Admin would like to delegate responsibility to his internal auditing team to give them scope over a specific Org unit. 

Creating a Delegated Auditor

  1. Launch the GAT+ using a Google Workspace Admin account. 
  2. Under the heading Configuration, click the Delegated Auditors area. 
  3. Then select and click on the + button to add an auditor.

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 2

For the product select GAT+ 

Note: Shield delegated auditor can also be added from here

You can have a single auditor (User) or a group of auditors (Group) or an Organizational unit of auditors (Org. Unit).

Now you will need to give your auditor a scope of users to manage, for the Auditor Scope select User/Group/Org Unit or a Google Classroom (education domains).

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 3

The next step is to select the auditing areas the delegated auditor will see when they launch the GAT+ tool.

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 4

At the bottom of the page select the time scope for a delegated auditor, you can also make this indefinite if needed.


GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 5

Click on Save to create the Delegated auditor.

Your delegated auditor can now launch and access the tool from their Google Apps button.    

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 6

Accessing the tool as a delegated auditor

When the Auditor accesses the tool, they will have access only to the enabled areas.

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 7

In the Auditing Areas, they can utilize all of the features of GAT Unlock of course with Security Officer approval.

  • They can modify and remove permissions download or view file content.
  • They can download emails, view emails, and remove emails from users’ Gmail accounts.
  • They can set up email delegation to give one user direct delegation into another user’s Gmail account.

GAT+: Use-case for Delegated Auditors 8

If the Auditor is a Security officer – it will be visible under Configuration.

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You can read more about Google Workspace Audit delegation here. 

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